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Property in Baniyas, Abu Dhabi

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 Baniyas is an urban community in Abu Dhabi developed by Baniyas Investment & Development Company (BIDC). The focus of BIDC was to help the area develop into a modern community while maintaining the emirate’s rich culture and heritage. The capital city witnessed tremendous development in recent times including many high-rise buildings with modern apartments to add to the residential side. Baniyas is known for housing the Baniyas Sports and Culture Club which is a sports complex that also houses the Baniyas football team.


  • Al Karama Medical Clinic (1.39 km)
  • Universal Hospital-Baniyas Clinic (1.80 km)

  • Lulu Hypermarket Bawabat (1.41 km)

  • Al Muneera Private School (1.34 km)
  • Global Indian International School (1.20 km)
  • Reach British School (2.21 km)
  • Al Mutanabi School (1.82 km)
  • GEMS Cambridge International School (1.73 km)

  • Bawabat Al Sharq Mall (1.71 km)

  • Mandi Restaurant (2.57 km)

  • Mafraq Hotel & Resort (2.80 km)

  • Mafraq Hospital (3.29 km)
  • Baniyas Alahli Medical Centre (2.62 km)

  • Little Acorns Nursery (4.25 km)

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